Raptor and Wildlife Refuge
of Tasmania Inc


Sea-EagleCAM.org supports the Raptor and Wildlife Refuge of Tasmania Inc. Craig Webb is a very special person who is dedicated to caring for wildlife that need help. We at Sea-EagleCAM are focusing on White-bellied Sea-Eagles and Craig unfortunately gets a constant flow of WBSEs into his care. We, the birding community, need to support people like Craig to assist him in his passion for,
                                            “Helping them to soar again”

Craig holding a Tiger Snake Craig holding a Brown Falcon
                Craig relocating a Tiger Snake.                    Craig inspecting a Brown Falcon.

The Refuge has been established on a 20-acre property near Kettering in south-eastern Tasmania. It is an incorporated association, allowing the community to be involved and currently has over 150 members. This inspiring Refuge clearly reflects Craig's dedication to caring and protecting Tasmania's natural wildlife, and the proximity of the Refuge to the birds natural habitat is a great advantage to rehabilitation. The outstanding feature of this facility is two of the largest raptor flight aviaries in the southern hemisphere, purpose-built to flight train Wedge-Tailed eagles, Sea-Eagles and other raptors, during their recovery from injury.

Large Raptor Avery Education Building                   Large wild Raptor Avery                                     New Education Building 2013. Wedge-tailed Eagle Two Boobook                     Long term residents, Wedge-tailed Eagles.                       Southern Boobook.