August 2020


Something to smile about in difficult times:
Watching the White-bellied Sea-Eagles in Sydney Olympic Park

In difficult times it’s important to have something positive to focus on, something to smile about. Nothing could make you smile more than two brand new baby White-bellied Sea-Eagles (“Seaglets”) right on your own media device!

 Eagle release            Eagle fly
SE-25, just hatched                                           SE-25 & SE-26 being fed


Recorded videos are available for download at: Media DropBox You are welcome to use these videos, but you must credit Sea-EagleCAM and they must not be on sold.

The EagleCAM project, a live remote feed operating out of the BirdLife Discovery Centre in the Armory, was established in 2009 to monitor a Sea-Eagle nest in the Newington Nature Reserve at Sydney Olympic Park. This project was started and funded by a small group of BirdLife Australia volunteers. A website displays the stream from two cameras and the sounds from the area twenty-four hours a day:

 Eagle release            Eagle fly
SE-26 left & SE-25 right                                           SE-25 & SE-26 being fed


Watch Sea-EagleCAM Live Video web page


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