Sea-EagleCAM Chat Rules


    1: Be respectful, polite, and mainly focused on eagles.

    2: No profanity, personal criticism or attacks, or other inappropriate comments. Chat moderators (Mods) can " kick ", temporarily or permanently ban chat busers, and can delete inappropriate posts. Chatting is a privilege, not a right. If any chatter is disruptive, mods may take appropriate action.

    3: Avoid comments touching on politics and religion. Respect the diversity of the room.

    4: Disagreements might be unavoidable but should remain polite, and they should never become arguments.

    5: " Social " chat, too much personal information, either asked for or given (eg age, gender, specific location and other such details), is inadvisable.

    6: Try to avoid lengthy discussions about Covid. Everyone needs a break from this.

    7: Reference to drugs or alcohol will be deleted immediately.

    8: Allow Mods to deal with chat abusers, do not engage them yourself.

    9: Respect the Mods who are here to give information and to make sure all viewers have a good experience. Mods have a very small blue “dot” (or other symbol such as teacup, butterfly, heart) next to their chat picture.