July 2018


Watching   White-bellied Sea-Eagles   in   Sydney Olympic Park

There’s new life, right in our own backyard! We have two brand new baby White-bellied Sea-Eagles (“Seaglets”) in the nest in the Newington Nature Reserve at Sydney Olympic Park.
The EagleCAM project, a live remote feed operating out of the BirdLife Discovery Centre in the Armory at Sydney Olympic Park, was established in 2009. This project was started and funded by a small group of BirdLife Australia volunteers.
A website displays the live stream from two cameras and the sounds from the area twenty-four hours a day:

First Egg laid. (SE-21) - June 11, 2018. 5:33pm ~ Second Egg laid. (SE-22) - June 14, 2018. 6:15pm

First Egg Hatched. (SE-21) - July 21, 2018. 3:30pm ~ Second Egg Hatched. (SE-22) - July 23, 2018. 5:30am


Watch Sea-EagleCAM Live Video web page

Eagle Chicks           Eagle Chicks

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